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Hugin and Munin Earrings

DA 3,900.00

The symbolism is time and memory. "Hugin and Munin. these two crows are responsible for carrying messages for Odin. Through countless years, they have witnessed the world, and the future."

Flame Spell Earrings

DA 4,400.00

With a flaming cross structure that burns out all emptiness. "The people's eyes lit up with fire and the night passed and they looked at the square full of wreckage,...

Twisted Deadwood Ring

DA 5,000.00

With an oxidised and aged surface, the ring presents the image of an air-dried tree branch, signifying reverence for nature. "From the forest tree spirits comes the wail of the...

Liberty Pirate Pendant

DA 19,300.00

Consists of a skull, a skull hand, rum and a feather, signifying the desire for freedom. "yo,yo~ Take my beloved rum. yo,yo~ The ship carries me far away. Silver and...

Lost Bay Pendant

DA 6,500.00

The product consists of a pirate flag skull and ship anchor motif. The symbolism is one of mystery and treasure. "Legend has it that the sea is filled with the...

Wisdom Ring

DA 6,200.00

In the form of a snake encircling a skull in its mouth. The symbolism is one of wisdom and cunning. "In the depths of the forest there are always cries...

Weeping Face Earrings And Smiling Face Earrings

DA 5,600.00

The surface of the earrings is oxidised and aged, the symbolism is to distinguish one's true emotions and to live strongly. "Based on the origin of the False Face Ring,...

The Weeping Face Ring and The Smiling Face Ring

DA 10,600.00

The surface of the Smiling Face Ring is oxidised and aged, the surface of the Weeping Face Ring is polished smooth, the symbolism is to distinguish one's true emotions and...

The Sealed Satan Pendant

DA 19,500.00

 The material is 925 silver, with a pair of ram's horns with a copper plated surface. The symbolic meaning is the power to control destruction. "The demon sealed in the...

The Ring Of Discipline

DA 14,900.00

The symbolism is to admonish oneself and suppress the sins of the heart. "Demons, motivated by jealousy, trapped and vengeance, caused all kinds of chaos and disaster in the world....

The Lonely Adal Pendant

DA 6,600.00

The cartoon skull image is easy to write about. The symbolism is that of the lonely little man who lives inside. "Socialising is an exhausting thing, there's always time for...

The Loki On The Cross Pendant

DA 12,400.00

An oxidized and aged surface, the symbolism is fraud and mystery. "At last the god of fraud will be condemned to death! At last he will be crucified and blazed...

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