Greed Ring


The Greed Ring is made of alloy material, the ring is red and the ring holder is partly held by two dragon claws, which figuratively demonstrates the dragon's greed for...

Evil Feather Ring


The Evil Feather Ring is a mysterious and unique design concept that signifies the fall of the angel feather and the evil thoughts it breeds. Crafted from an alloy material,...

Twisted Deadwood Ring


With an oxidised and aged surface, the ring presents the image of an air-dried tree branch, signifying reverence for nature. "From the forest tree spirits comes the wail of the...

Rune Cross Ring


The Rune Cross Ring is made of alloy material and the ring is designed to be open-ended and self-adjusting in size. This design allows the ring to fit different finger...

Unicorn Badge Ring


The Unicorn Badge Ring is made of alloy material and the ring is designed with an open-ended, self-adjusting size. This design makes it easier and more flexible to wear the...

Guardian Angel Ring


The Guardian Angel Ring is made from copper and is shaped like a pair of closed wings. The Guardian Angel Ring is inspired by the image of an angel and...

Eye Of God Ring


The Eye Of God Ring is made of copper and it is a recreation of the Eye Of Omniscience Ring shape. On this ring, the vision of the Eye of...

Moonlight Sword Earrings


The Moonlight Sword Earrings is an earring designed with a black moon and sword in alloy. The Black Moon is often seen as a symbol of mystery and mysticism. It...

Faerie Dragon Ring


The Faerie Dragon Ring is made of alloy material and features the image of a Faerie Dragon living in the jungle. Faerie Dragon represent intelligence and life, they live in...

Devil's Hand Pendant


The Devil's Hand Pendant is a pendant with a unique shape that features the shape of a devil's hand. This pendant is made of alloy material. The main feature of...

The Sealed Satan Pendant


 The material is 925 silver, with a pair of ram's horns with a copper plated surface. The symbolic meaning is the power to control destruction. "The demon sealed in the...

Skull Axe Pendant


The Skull Axe Pendant is an axe themed pendant that features a skull at the top. It is made of stainless steel, which makes the pendant durable and corrosion resistant.In...

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