Men's and women's bracelet strings

Starburst Guardian Bracelet


The Starburst Guardian Bracelet is a bracelet made of alloy with a unique design. It consists of a five-pointed star motif with a cloud pattern and a hanging sword guardian...

Double Skull Bracelet


The Double Skull Bracelet is made of alloy and consists of two skulls. The design symbolises the pursuit of freedom and happiness and embodies the spirit of courage and sacrifice....

Bat Bracelet


The Bat Bracelet is a bat themed bangle made of alloy. The overall shape presents the image of a bat and is decorated with a spider web attached to the...

Spellcraft Skull Bangle


The Spellcraft Skull Bangle is a skull-themed bangle made of alloy material. Its design features the image of a skull at both ends, while the centre of the bangle is...

Relic Bracelet


Relic Bracelet is a distinctive jewellery pendant, carefully crafted from high-quality alloy materials. Its design is inspired by the various patterns found in ancient relics, displaying a mysterious and unique...

Keel Bracelet


Keel Bracelet is a jewellery wear piece crafted from an alloy material, consisting of a spine and a dragon's head bone, with a finely polished surface to give it a...

East Sea Dragon Bracelet


East Sea Dragon Bracelet is an elegant piece of jewellery, crafted from high quality alloy. The two ends of the bracelet resemble a dragon's head, while the middle section reveals...

Life Link Bracelet


With an oxidised and aged surface, symbolising unity as one. "The war burned through the village as the unarmed villagers were driven forward by the invaders. The villagers were beaten...

Double-headed Sorcery Skull Bracelet


Finely crafted with a delicate and refined spell pattern. The symbolic meaning is wisdom and self-knowledge. "The wise mage practises his spells daily in front of a mirror. Finally, one...

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